Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oct 28 2013 letter from Sister Chelsie Robertson

 This is a picture from a calendar included with Chelsie's following letter.
Mark Twain Museum in Hannibal, MO (her Mom added this one)

Dear Everyone that loves me, (insert heart shape here)

Not a whole lot new to report on Hannibal, MO yet. We have another investigator; she is ready to be taught. Her husband is an active member and wants sealed to her so bad. So cute! We will start teaching her this week and hopefully she'll set a date to be baptized in November.

Our Branch is having a fun Trunk-or-Treat activity Wednesday night. It's gonna be lots of fun and food too. Both the 30th and 31st, missionaries (in our Iowa Mission) can't be out doing work after 6pm cause of Halloween. Excited for two fun, relaxed evenings this week. We're being fed almost every night. We are so loved 'cause they have never had Sisters here, only Elders. We get into so many doors too, that the Elders can't, especially with less actives. Hopefully we can get them to church. They'll talk to us but won't show up to church yet. We'll keep trying.

Last week, Brother Edwards made us both cute bracelets to wear. He makes them for his little girls and asked us if we wanted one. He's so nice! Members have been feeding the Elders and Sisters at the same time most evenings 'cause they want to, but we found out today that we can't do that any more. We're kind of bummed about that and so are the members. Makes sense though, but there aren't enough members active to feed us separately every day. Oh well.

The work here is good. We are always rejected because we're Mormon though. People don't like people knocking on their doors anymore I decided. People keep to themselves too much. It's sad. They're all so uncomfortable or irritated when we knock. People need to be more friendly. It's ok though. We'll eventually find the people God needs us to. Whether they accept it or not is up to them. God gave us free agency, for this plan, for a reason. We need to find out for ourselves hast is more important and if God is real. God trusts us and we need to trust him back. Trust means that we are not only willing to do what God asks us to do, but also have great faith when we do it. It can be scary sometimes and that is our test, the reason we are here. It is so easy to let the smallest and most unimportant, eternally insignificant earthly things get in the way of what matters most.

Always do what you can every day to keep your testimony burning or it won't exist any more. If you no longer have a testimony, have faith and do what you should to build a testimony (read, pray, attend meetings, and serve others) and God will put it in your heart. I Promise! Once God sees you get off your butt and work for something, He will bless you in an infinite number of ways. That is such an amazing promise and I know that it works.

Wish I had more good stories, but this last week was pretty slow.
Love you all :)

Sister Robertson

P.S. Don't forget to write me if you want to!! NOTE THE CHANGE OF THE APT #
  499-4 Head Ln
  Hannibal, MO 63401

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