Friday, November 15, 2013

11 Nov 2013

Friends and Family,

This last week was slow but kind of dynamic. We had Sister Trower's funeral last Monday and we have two newer investigators that we found.

Funny dinner story time:  We went to go eat dinner at a member's home Thursday ngiht before a Relief Society sewing activity. The person who brought/made the food didn't live at this home and everyone was having a hard time with the food, even the members. After the dinner was over we were driving down the street and found one of the member's 12 cats, Jaden, dead in the road! So sad! We ran back to inform her and she came out of the house wailing and crying and picked up the messy dead cat.  My companion and I walked back with her and they put Jaden in a box and buried him. For a while they had the dead cat at the dinner table while people were still sitting there eating. Yumm! We love that sister and her poor kitty, but it was an unexpected event for sure.

One of our new investigators, Keven, actually showed up to church, but he showed to be very loud, unique character in all the meetings. LOL We got to teach the 4-5 year olds at church about Eternal Families and Temples. We gave them heart shaped pages to color of the temple and we all talked about how important families are and what each kid loved about their families. It was fun and cute, even though there were only 3 boys there.

Earlier this past week our 18 year old investigator Katia decided to lower her baptismal date from Dec 21st to Nov 21st! We are so excited for her. She is ready and she seems so happy. She'll be my first baptized on my mission here.

My companion's birthday is on the 13th this week. I got some kid paints and painted her a silly tiny painting of an Arizona sunset with cacti. So cheesy, but she saw a similar one in a member's home and she wanted it. Hope she likes it. :)

Our member meals are slowing down now. We're not getting fed a whole lot as we were before. Had to spend more money on dinner groceries. I got corn dogs, mmm! and "crunchy nuggets" cereal (aka Grapenuts).

We finally ran into our investigator Andrew on Saturday and he's been reading the Book of Mormon and everything we've taught him just makes sense to him and he wants to learn more. He says it is what he's been looking for his whole life. We're excited to keep teaching him. He's really open to the Gospel unlike others. Teaching someone who is willing and humble is a breath of fresh air.  

Things in the Iowa Mission are going slow and rough so we keep on praying for things to pick up soon. Our goal is 550 baptized and confirmed and we're at just over 400 right now. Lots of work needs done. As for Hannibal, it's slow finding people and we spend a lot of time trying to re-activate members still it's important though and I enjoy meeting and talking with them. 

It continues to amaze me how no two people are alike. It's incredible. But we have the same Heavenly parents and our ultimate goals are, or should be, all the same. We are united in purpose. We can all work together and get along and help each other if we want to. God's greatest commandment is to love one another. It's possible, even if two people are so different from each other. If there's a will, there's a way. Don't give up on people, even if things get rough, especially your own family or close friends. We need each other. Nobody is an island, we all need people and we can't pretend we don't. It'd be too lonely without friends and family. God didn't design us to be completely independent. Don't forget God or your brothers and sisters. You need them and they need you. I love the people we meet here and I love all my friends and family. THank you for everything.

Sister Chelsie Robertson :)

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