Monday, December 23, 2013


Missionary companions--Sister Chelsie Robertson and Sister Kelsey Despain,
Hannibal Missouri December 2013

This is a picture of a snowflake at the library with Yoda cut into it. Impressive, most impressive.

23 Dec 2013 letter

Merry Christmas!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Holiday season.  Never forget to remember our savior Jesus Christ this time of year (or anytime of year).  It has been very cold in hannibal.  They don't have a problem with a lot of snow as much as they have problems with Ice, so sometimes the mission will ground all the trucks and cars and we have to stay home, walk, or get rides with members of the Branch.  We manage. 

Church was a little low in numbers and a lot of members have been coming out and saying that they're moving this next year.  So many that i wonder if the Branch will get shut down cause then there won't be enough people living here to keep it going.  this is also the last week of this transfer period and me and Sister Despain won't find out until next tuesday which one of us is staying or leaving.  I won't be able to tell any of you what happens until the first monday of January where I end up.  I enjoy it here in Hannibal, but wouldn't mind going on to a new place and getting to meet all new people.

This past week was really slow and we lost all but one or two of our investigators for various reasons, but the work goes on and there are always other people out there who are being prepared to recieve the Gospel into their lives and are looking for the truth.  We don't stumble over losses or hard situations, you just pick up and go find someone else. 

One of my favorate quotes that i heard this past week, in District Meeting, says, "the pain of sacrifice lasts only one moment...It is the fear of the pain of sacrifice that makes you hesistate to do it."  Having Faith and making sacrifices and changes in our lives can be one of the most difficult and scary things to do if we let it seem that way.  Remember that it is all in your head if you think you can't go another day or can't accomplish a certain goal.  If you think you can, you will.  If you think you can't, you won't.  Because we are God's literal children, we have divine power to be able to conquer and overcome all trials and shortcomings in this life and in all eternity just like Him, but we cannot reach that without His help.  Never forget where you come from and who you are!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Love you!

Have fun watching all my favorite Christmas movies without me.

Sister Robertson 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


A picture of our Chevy Colorado in the snow.
Decorated more Christmas sugar cookies at Sister Edwards!

Brother Ledford on his John Deer tractor at 90 years old! So funny!

Picture of me down by the frozen Mississippi River, Hannibal Missouri.

Sunset picture from our Zone Conference in Nauvoo last week.
Zone Conference in Nauvoo Illinois last week.

16 Dec 2013 letter

Merry Christmas!
I am doing well.  It just dumped snow here in Hannibal.  It sure made it a lot prettier than it originally was.  I love the snow. 
That's really cool that the family history center was on TV.  Wow, so cool!  Mom, are Aaron and Jaime coming to austin for christmas this year?  I was just wondering so i could send my present for them straight to home address or their cody address instead.   I will be skyping you all sometime Christmas day, but we haven't verified with members an exact time and place yet, but i will let you know next monday when it's closer to Christmas.  It will be fun to see everyone at home.  Will everyone be there?
This past week was really great.  We knocked on a door and a 13 year old girl named Carlee came out and was extremely enthusiastic about being taught and wants to be baptized.  We found out later that she could have been baptized already, but the elders who had found her before lost her information and didn't tell us about her so we could go teach her in October.  It is amazing that the Lord has prepared her and still led us to her door so she wouldn't miss out on hearing the Gospel and having the opportunity to be baptized.  She came to the Christmas Activity saturday night and made instant friends with all the young women and some of them even knew her at the Middle School!  She's going to the Youth dance with them in Quincy this Wednesday and she loved Church and was soaking up everything we told her.  We taught her on sunday with the 11 year old class about Temples and temple marriage and she said "I want to get married in that temple cause i know that i won't be happy unless i do!"  Wow, she is a bundle of miracles and she smiles all the time. Love this girl.
Last week we had a Nauvoo Missionary Conference all day at the Nauvoo stake center.  It was really good and they fed us a Thanksgiving-like fancy Lunch.  We all performed funny missionary skits and we made fun of the District for ours.  People laughed so hard!  Then our Mission President surprised us and let all of us watch Ephraim's Rescue in the Gym on a big screen!  Such a good movie.  Then they gave us all little christmas presents to take home.  We also found out that Sister Harkness finally got her Visa to Argentina after 7 or 8 months and Sister Deleu is headed back to Temple Square.  They're my favorite sisters ever and we will miss them so much.  So glad i got to meet such wonderful new friends.  I think that meeting people and forming friendships is the best part about serving a mission other than having such a strong testimony of the Gospel and getting fed really yummy food of course.
Me and Sister Despain sang 2 short songs at the Branch Christmas party and i had to give a talk on sunday.  it has been a busy past week, but the time seems to fly by.  I feel like every day is the next monday again and i can't hardly remember what i just did all week long.  Hope all of you are enjoying the Christmas season and having fun watching Elf without me!
I miss that movie so much!  and the Grinch.
Talk to you next week!
Sister Robertson

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A special trip to Nauvoo, Illinois from Hannibal, Missouri

Chelsie got to attend the beautiful and historic
Nauvoo Temple at Christmas time

Sister Chelsie Robertson in Nauvoo, Illinois

Sister Chelsie Robertson and Sister Todd from Hannibal, Missouri
visiting Nauvoo, Illinois for Christmas

Sister Robertson and friends
Chelsie thought this was a funny billboard in Quincy, Illinois on their way to Nauvoo.
She felt it was their way of advertising to the "rednecks" in the area.

Happy Birthday Chelsie!!

Happy 26th Birthday Chelsie!!

9 Dec 2013 letter

Happy snow-days everyone!

This past week was eventful and busy.  It finally snowed here in Hannibal and it's so pretty.  I missed snow so much!  I got a ton of birthday hugs and more food than i ever needed.  Then on Friday a member, Sister Todd, drove four of us Quincy Zone sisters to Nauvoo to do a session at the temple.  When we were there, Br. Ledford, a 90 year old sweetheart of a grandpa surprised us and was there at the temple! We were so happy to see him there.  He's our little buddy in Hannibal now.  We helped him write christmas cards and wrap presents for family and setup christmas decorations too.  Sister Todd's friends fed us sandwhiches and home-made applesauce after the temple and then we went to the Old Nauvoo visitors center to listen to a live christmas music program and the tree-lighting ceremony.  After they had Belgian draft horse-drawn carriages outside to take everyone to different locations to have hot cider, cocoa and other deserts.  Everyone was singing christmas music to distract themselves from the cold.  My feet were hurting so bad from the cold that it took them 3 or 4 hours to stop hurting afterwards.  It was a really fun evening and we all sung christmas songs driving back to Quincy and Hannibal.
We were able to get some less actives members to church on sunday and really enjoyed being able to visit with all of them.  The Iowa Des Moines Mission has a goal right now to have 550 baptisms by the end of the Year and we just found out that we need 100 more baptisms to meet the goal and there are over 108 baptisms scheduled this month!  That is so many people!  One of our other investigators on saturday told us she has lung cancer, it is so sad, but she's been smoking a lot for a really long time.  We try to help her understand why she needs to quit, but all she could say to us was "you're addicted to church!"  haha.  I am so grateful that I am not addicted to anything bad, just good things that aren't harmful to my body.   I am grateful that the word of wisdom is there to help us to be healthy and our best selves and not just a bunch of dumb rules that are restrictive.  We don't have any baptismal dates for this month yet, but we're praying that one of our investigators will commit to a date after christmas.  Faith in 550! (our mission moto).

 Love you all!

Merry Christmas :)

Friday, December 6, 2013


Sister Chelsie Robertson and Sister Kelsey Despain out on a walk Thanksgiving morning in Hannibal, MO 2013.

"These are some creepy olden day cabin things we pass on the road on the way to Palmyra. We hypothesize what they were used for cause they're pretty creepy huts."

Sunday, December 1, 2013

25 Nov 2013 letter

Hi Family and Friends,

This past week was really busy and eventful. Katia was baptized and confirmed on Thursday and we all went to Golden Corral for dinner after. We had district meeting in Hannibal, discussed our investigators and played a fun get to know you game and at Togue's for lunch. They have the BEST fried chicken fingers in the world.  Interesting fact about Hannibal:  Did you know that Hannibal has more than 120 different churches in it and the population is less than 18,000 people? It's true, we found a list of them in a newspaper in our mailbox. There is a Jehovah's witness (aka "the holy rollers") church down the street from our apartment.

Yesterday some awesome members fed us "lunch," but it turned out to be their 7 pies resulted from attempts to make vegan Thanksgiving pies the week before Thanksgiving. LOL. Funny, but yummy. I saw some cleaned out dead dear hanging from a tree in somebody's yard yesterday. LOL. Taken advantage of the cold air after hunting I guess.

Me and Sister Despain taught Primary Singing Time at church yesterday. We had a Turkey named Gilbert and had the kids pin the feathers on him throughout the game. It was cute. One girl said she was thankful for butts out loud. So cute! Other than that we've been busy meeting with people. Lots of eating. Sometimes we end up eating at restaurants twice a day. Rough! just kidding. We had a fireside for the Youth last night in Quincy, Illinois about how to prepare for a mission. It was very good and social.

I'm excited for Thanksgiving with the R family! It will be yummy and good company.

Love you all, & Happy Thanksgiving!
Sister Robertson

Monday, November 25, 2013

20 Nov 2013 letter from Sister Chelsie Robertson

Dear Friends & Family,

Excited this week for the first baptism here in Hannibal. {See pictures) Katia is now 18 and her baptism is tomorrow. She is really happy and excited for it. Me and Sister Despain are in charge of the program so we typed up a cute program and will be at the church all day tomorrow filling the font (takes forever!) and writing our talks for it. Nobody going can play piano so I have to figure it out again so I can play an opening and closing hymn. Only problem is that once someone sees me play then the whole Branch will be nagging me to play in all the meetings and I am not good enough to do that!

Lost two investigators this past week. They recognize God but they refuse to change or do anything about it. Pretty sad, but you get to a point when you can't help them anymore if they aren't willing to work. I really like the Conference talk given by Elder Edward Dube. He talked about how we need to quit waiting for our situations to change, get up and change our situations ourselves. If you have faith you must act on it, or it is in vain. Life can be better with God's help, but he's not going to be so willing to help you if he doesn't see you doing something about anything. Just do it! Build trust with God. It's a two-way relationship. We need Him to act and reach out to us just as much as He needs us to act and reach out to Him.

I love Conference. It's not a one time weekend marathon, it's continually and indefinitely important and applicable to us. We need to keep growing in knowledge and we can't grow if we are not doing anything. I'm not perfect, but I am willing to act on my faith and force myself to make the necessary changes to help me and to help others to become better.

I love this work and I know Joseph Smith saw our Heavenly Father and our Brother Jesus Christ and I cannot deny it just as much as Smith couldn't deny it.

Said our farewells to Elder Ashworth today. He's leaving Hannibal and headed back to Las Vegas, Nevada (his home). He's been such an amazing influence on us and our investigator. He's so nice and happy all the time. He'll be missed by our district.

Winter is starting so we'll be sharing the car a lot more now. Me and Sister Despain have been using it a lot, but we'll be walking more. It'll be a lot harder to get a lot done everyday without the car. Hannibal is too spread out to walk around. I'll let you all know how it goes.

love you :)

Sister Robertson


Christmas Packages: Since there are no transfers during the month of December, please have your family and friends send your Christmas packages directly to your apartment. We strongly recommend using Priority Mail, as there is always a chance of an emergency transfer. Again, we remind you that packages sent Priority Mail or 1st Class are the only packages that can be forwarded. Packages sent “Standard Post” or “Parcel Post” cannot be forwarded, and UPS and FedEx do NOT offer forwarding service. Remember that most items ordered on line are sent via UPS or Fed Ex. Zone Conferences start on December 10th, and that is the last chance a package has to get to you before Christmas if we cannot forward it. Any package that arrives at the Mission Office after December 9th that cannot be forwarded will not get to you until Transfers on January 2, 2014. We know how important your packages are to you, and we try our best to get them to you as quickly as possible. However, the number of packages that cannot be forwarded is becoming difficult to manage. PLEASE, PLEASE tell your family and friends to use Priority Mail and follow the instructions provided above.
Chelsie's address has not changed.
499-4 Head Lane
Hannibal, MO 63401


Katia with the Elder who baptized her and her adoptive family. Katia is from Russia.
Sister Despain, Katia, and Sister Robertson at Katia's baptism 21 Nov 2013 in Hannibal, Missouri.

This is a fun thing me and Sister Despain made for the Hannibal Branch. It quotes President Ballard in the last Conference about how if every member of the church reaches out and shares the gospel with just one person before Christmas how wonderful of a gift that would be to our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are going to have them write what they did (teach, share a Book of Mormon or a pass along card, etc) on a star and put it above Baby Jesus. We'll keep it up in the church starting next Sunday for everyone to see. It's cute!

This was a fun Sharing Time activity we played with the children on Sunday. That's Gilbert the turkey and each feather has something the kids were thankful for on it. 

This is a picture of the Lighthouse in Hannibal. It was raining a lot and really cold, but we wanted a picture.

Thanksgiving turkey cookies we made at the Edward's house. It was so much fun! Everyone called my turkey chief turkey. lol

SShhhhhh.....we're in the library!

Sister Chelsie Robertson and her companion volunteer at the Hannibal library every week.

Friday, November 15, 2013

11 Nov 2013

Friends and Family,

This last week was slow but kind of dynamic. We had Sister Trower's funeral last Monday and we have two newer investigators that we found.

Funny dinner story time:  We went to go eat dinner at a member's home Thursday ngiht before a Relief Society sewing activity. The person who brought/made the food didn't live at this home and everyone was having a hard time with the food, even the members. After the dinner was over we were driving down the street and found one of the member's 12 cats, Jaden, dead in the road! So sad! We ran back to inform her and she came out of the house wailing and crying and picked up the messy dead cat.  My companion and I walked back with her and they put Jaden in a box and buried him. For a while they had the dead cat at the dinner table while people were still sitting there eating. Yumm! We love that sister and her poor kitty, but it was an unexpected event for sure.

One of our new investigators, Keven, actually showed up to church, but he showed to be very loud, unique character in all the meetings. LOL We got to teach the 4-5 year olds at church about Eternal Families and Temples. We gave them heart shaped pages to color of the temple and we all talked about how important families are and what each kid loved about their families. It was fun and cute, even though there were only 3 boys there.

Earlier this past week our 18 year old investigator Katia decided to lower her baptismal date from Dec 21st to Nov 21st! We are so excited for her. She is ready and she seems so happy. She'll be my first baptized on my mission here.

My companion's birthday is on the 13th this week. I got some kid paints and painted her a silly tiny painting of an Arizona sunset with cacti. So cheesy, but she saw a similar one in a member's home and she wanted it. Hope she likes it. :)

Our member meals are slowing down now. We're not getting fed a whole lot as we were before. Had to spend more money on dinner groceries. I got corn dogs, mmm! and "crunchy nuggets" cereal (aka Grapenuts).

We finally ran into our investigator Andrew on Saturday and he's been reading the Book of Mormon and everything we've taught him just makes sense to him and he wants to learn more. He says it is what he's been looking for his whole life. We're excited to keep teaching him. He's really open to the Gospel unlike others. Teaching someone who is willing and humble is a breath of fresh air.  

Things in the Iowa Mission are going slow and rough so we keep on praying for things to pick up soon. Our goal is 550 baptized and confirmed and we're at just over 400 right now. Lots of work needs done. As for Hannibal, it's slow finding people and we spend a lot of time trying to re-activate members still it's important though and I enjoy meeting and talking with them. 

It continues to amaze me how no two people are alike. It's incredible. But we have the same Heavenly parents and our ultimate goals are, or should be, all the same. We are united in purpose. We can all work together and get along and help each other if we want to. God's greatest commandment is to love one another. It's possible, even if two people are so different from each other. If there's a will, there's a way. Don't give up on people, even if things get rough, especially your own family or close friends. We need each other. Nobody is an island, we all need people and we can't pretend we don't. It'd be too lonely without friends and family. God didn't design us to be completely independent. Don't forget God or your brothers and sisters. You need them and they need you. I love the people we meet here and I love all my friends and family. THank you for everything.

Sister Chelsie Robertson :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Sister Chelsie Robertson in Hannibal, Missouri Nov 2013

Chelsie's companion Sister Kelsey Despain and the Elders serving in the area...
so funny it's Kelsey and Chelsie!!

Sister Robertson having a blast decorating sugar cookies at a member's home.

The missionaries stayed inside on Halloween and got to decorate sugar cookies. So fun!

Sister Robertson found a friend. So sweet!

Their apartment in Hannibal, Missouri

On their P-day the Elders and Sisters got to go visit the Mark Twain Cave.

Chelsie Robertson inside the Mark Twain Cave Nov 11, 2013

That is one HUGE tree...can you see Sister Chelsie Robertson standing at the bottom???

Chelsie said this is the best view in Hannibal...often referred to as "lover's leap"...yes, that's the Mississippi River.

Sister Chelsie Robertson on her P-day overlooking the Mississippi River

Sister Chelsie Robertson


Sunday, November 10, 2013

4 November 2013 letter (received 9th Nov)

Hi Everyone! (and Mom & Dad)

It was fun reading about your trip to Cody, Wyoming Mom and Dad. Really jealous! Wish I could've been there with everyone and relaxed at the house . . . one day maybe. Thanks for the cute postcard. :)

Not a whole lot new to report on this last week. We had Halloween at the Edward's house and got to decorate a bunch of Halloween sugar cookies. It was nice to finally get to do something crafty. I miss making things a lot. All the missionaries in our mission had to stay in after 6pm on the 30th and 31st. Don't want missionaries put in bad situations on Halloween I guess.

Me and Sister Despain are still just trying to find less activities when they're at home so we can figure out how we can help them spiritually and find ways to serve them and fellowship them. Some, mostly a few, are a little receptive and others are just not interested and hate us. It's sad. Wish I could speak like Abinadi while I'm glowing and testify so strong that they're converted like Alma., just kidding. But seriously, sometimes it feels like something big needs to happen to help them that's beyond what we can do for them. They'll figure it out someday.

The Branch had a Trunk-o-Treat on Wednesday and a bunch of less actives and our investigator, Stacy, showed up with all their kids. It was so happy and heartwarming to see them show up and have fun. They also had a Chili pot luck dinner before that was fun and Yumm.

We had a "medically less active" sister named Jeanette Trower pass away last Thursday at the Willow Care Center. She had been really sick and didn't make it. Our P-day was busier cause we had to help out with her funeral. It was nice. Great missionary opportunities since everyone there (almost) was non-members that really loved and admired Sister Trower. A bittersweet day.

Other than that, we did some finding (door-to-door) and met a few more people and ate at members houses. They spoil us with so much lasagna and pot roast that we are SO EXCITED when we get it for the twelfth time (or beyond)... lol  It's wonderful though and we appreciate all they do for us. When we call members, most of them assume we are calling them just to get them to make us dinner when we just want to visit with them. Kind of they feel pressured to feed missionaries.

In studying this week I focused a lot on the Plan of Salvation/Happiness. It's amazing the explanations and answers that the scriptures have. I have discovered the most interesting things in the Bible Dictionary. I've never been one to probe for answers in the scriptures, but I am loving my studies cause I'm learning how important it is to just search and study on specific topics.  I love using True to the Faith (book) and the Bible Dictionary a lot. Questions investigators have spark my curiosity to learn more about things. Scriptures might not have all the answers to life, but they'll surprise you every time you read them the rest of your life.

We are always changing and learning and so do the scriptures in a way. If you don't have a testimony READ. If something doesn't make sense, READ. The truth is "out there," it's right under your nose and the more you read, the more you'll know this gospel is true. Everything about it just makes sense and is so simple. Don't complicate things. God doesn't, Christ wouldn't. Read 2 Nephi 31:3

 For my soul delighteth in plainness; for after this manner doth the Lord God work among the children of men. For the Lord God giveth light unto the understanding; for he speaketh unto men according to their language, unto their understanding.

God is simple and extremely subtle in His ways. Seek Him out and you'll find Him there by your side where He's always been. The choice is always yours and yours alone. Have faith and get to work, then God can bless you cause He can trust you to ACT when He asks of you. If you're not willing to Act, then God won't and He can't give you the answers.


Sister Robertson (insert heart and smiley face)

P.S.  The Church is True!!! I KNOW.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Zone Conference in Quincy, Illinois across the Mississippi River from Hannibal, Missouri
Sister Chelsie Robertson in front of the 3rd Street Diner in the downtown tourist area

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oct 28 2013 letter from Sister Chelsie Robertson

 This is a picture from a calendar included with Chelsie's following letter.
Mark Twain Museum in Hannibal, MO (her Mom added this one)

Dear Everyone that loves me, (insert heart shape here)

Not a whole lot new to report on Hannibal, MO yet. We have another investigator; she is ready to be taught. Her husband is an active member and wants sealed to her so bad. So cute! We will start teaching her this week and hopefully she'll set a date to be baptized in November.

Our Branch is having a fun Trunk-or-Treat activity Wednesday night. It's gonna be lots of fun and food too. Both the 30th and 31st, missionaries (in our Iowa Mission) can't be out doing work after 6pm cause of Halloween. Excited for two fun, relaxed evenings this week. We're being fed almost every night. We are so loved 'cause they have never had Sisters here, only Elders. We get into so many doors too, that the Elders can't, especially with less actives. Hopefully we can get them to church. They'll talk to us but won't show up to church yet. We'll keep trying.

Last week, Brother Edwards made us both cute bracelets to wear. He makes them for his little girls and asked us if we wanted one. He's so nice! Members have been feeding the Elders and Sisters at the same time most evenings 'cause they want to, but we found out today that we can't do that any more. We're kind of bummed about that and so are the members. Makes sense though, but there aren't enough members active to feed us separately every day. Oh well.

The work here is good. We are always rejected because we're Mormon though. People don't like people knocking on their doors anymore I decided. People keep to themselves too much. It's sad. They're all so uncomfortable or irritated when we knock. People need to be more friendly. It's ok though. We'll eventually find the people God needs us to. Whether they accept it or not is up to them. God gave us free agency, for this plan, for a reason. We need to find out for ourselves hast is more important and if God is real. God trusts us and we need to trust him back. Trust means that we are not only willing to do what God asks us to do, but also have great faith when we do it. It can be scary sometimes and that is our test, the reason we are here. It is so easy to let the smallest and most unimportant, eternally insignificant earthly things get in the way of what matters most.

Always do what you can every day to keep your testimony burning or it won't exist any more. If you no longer have a testimony, have faith and do what you should to build a testimony (read, pray, attend meetings, and serve others) and God will put it in your heart. I Promise! Once God sees you get off your butt and work for something, He will bless you in an infinite number of ways. That is such an amazing promise and I know that it works.

Wish I had more good stories, but this last week was pretty slow.
Love you all :)

Sister Robertson

P.S. Don't forget to write me if you want to!! NOTE THE CHANGE OF THE APT #
  499-4 Head Ln
  Hannibal, MO 63401

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

 Sister Chelsie Robertson standing on the Mississippi River near 
Hannibal, Missouri. Check out the cool River Boat!
Title: Companions Together Forever!!
Oct. 21, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

Me and my companion, Sister Despain, are starting to get to know Hannibal a little bit better now. The members are very few, but they are very nice and generous people. We get fed by some of the same members every week since there aren't enough members. So my companion's name is Kelsey, so we are Kelsey and Chelsie. So funny! We get along really well, work hard and we are having fun too. 

There was a famous street market/folk festival on Saturday where we looked around and met people. It is down by the River (Mississippi River). THere are so many mormon-haters hre and within 1 mile there are at least 6-10 Catholic, Christian, or Baptist churches. They are verywhere and they do not like us. Lots of doors shut on us and people will ignore us and walk away once we tell them who we are. Seems impossible to get past the judgemental, stubborness, and stereotyping of mormons here. I found an applicable scripture this week:

 "And thus, even as I have said,
if ye are faithful ye shall
 assemble yourselves together to
rejoice upon the land of Missouri, 
which is the Land of your inheritance, 
which is now the Land of your enemies."
D&C 52:42

Ha Ha. Kind of a funny scripture, but it's not far from the truth at all. Pretty sad. We do have a progressing investigator and she picked a baptism date in December. Her name is Katia. She is 18 and she is from Moscow, Russia. She is such a sweetheart and we love her. She was sort of adopted by a wonderful family of eleven kids in our ward, called the Voelkals. 

Other than Katia, we are searching for new potentials and meeting less active members. Most of the ward isn't active, so it's a small, poorly attended Branch. There is a lot of work that needs to be done here to re-activate and build the Branch back up. We spend all week trying to find and teach all the less actives and it's not been easy, but many of them are still wonderful people, just busy or have health problems or in part-member families. It's been fun getting to know everyone and I know God will help us to help them. We are going to help a less active member quit smoking this week. We're excited for her 'cause she wants to change so she's not embarrassed to go to church anymore. We will do what we can to help her and serve others this week.

Favorite Scripture this week is D&C 103:27-28. It's so good! Look it up and read it for yourself. THe scriptures are real and true and you need to find out for yourselves if you don't know already. If changes your life 'cause you will know what life is all about and give you hope. I promise. If you don't know yet, have Faith and keep trying till you know. With God, Faith, & Works anything is possible.

I love you and miss you all!
*Sister Robertson* 

P.S. Awkward mission moment: Got asked for my name and number by a creeper dude last week and had to hide by my companion for a while. Creepy! Being a girl missionary is so hard! And scary sometimes!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Oct 14, 2013 Letter from Sister Chelsie Robertson


picture of library
This is the Hannibal library.
Hi mom, dad and everyone,


I got to Des Moines, Iowa ok last Wednesday and then the next day we had our first transfer meeting in Iowa City and I met my new companion, Sister Despain from Gilbert, Arizona (been on her mission for 4 months now, and we got sent to a new area called Hannibal Missouri.  There is a branch there with mostly less Active members, so we are focusing on re-activating people for the first little while and getting to know everyone.  We have a car, GPS and a brand new cell phone, so we are surviving well even though we have no idea where we are at most of the time.  the Hannibal branch is in the Nauvoo Stake and we had Stake conference Saturday night in the Church building across the street from the Nauvoo temple.  It was really dark already so I couldn't really see the rest of the town or area very well.  We went to a custard place called Annie's and had lemon custard with Raspberry sauce on it.  It was AMAZING.  Hope I can get to go there during the day sometime so I can actually see it.  It is right next to the Mississippi River and so is Hannibal.  Hannibal is the town Mark Twain wrote Huckleberry fin about and the Caves in the book are here in town somewhere, but I heard that they are really expensive to go into, so I might not get to.  We have met several really nice people in the branch and we have a set of elders, Elder Ashworth and Elder Younger.  They are really hard working and nice elders to work with.

We are living in an apartment that belonged to elders for more than a decade, so it's kind of dirty and run down.  We have been doing our best to clean it up.


My new address is for my apartment in Hannibal for the next several months is, if you send it there it will only take 3 days to get to me instead of a few weeks I think.  Also the mission home asked that if you send missionaries any packages to the mission home in Des Moines or my house that you send it Priority mail only.  I don't know the reason, but priority only please :)  I can't wait to have more to say to everyone.  I am in good health and doing ok.  Thanks for the emails and letters and prayers!


499-4 Head Lane

Hannibal, Missouri




Friday, October 11, 2013

Oct 7, 2013 letter from Sister Chelsie Robertson

Dear Family and Friends,

I am leaving the MTC Wednesday morning. I am sad to leave the MTC. It has been such a wonderful place to be. I have grown close to my companions, district, zone and especially my teachers. They have strengthened my testimony and purpose for choosing to be a missionary. We talk to an Elder, well, returned missionary from Iowa and he told us there are over 300 missionaries in Iowa and it is now, statistically, it has the highest baptizing rate out of all the states right now. There are almost 30 of us, sisters and elders, flying to Iowa together. We are sad to leave Provo and leave each other, but are ready and pumped to be in Iowa and experience teaching the Gospel and finding people. Regardless of age or experiences, there are some amazing missionaries here. 

It was cool to listen to Conference and sing "Called to Serve" at the MTC. They sing it like no other place on Earth. Bows my mind that I am here and can be a part of restoring this Gospel by spreading it to the world. My companions met an Elder Campbell and Elder Ramen. So funny. They called their companionship "Soup Elders." We said goodby to one of our teachers today, sad day! He gave us amazing advice today. He said, "we can always become a sharper pencil, but we can never be the writer, cause God is the writer ...You can never this this alone...if you think you have figured it out, that is the moment that you have eliminated God from the equation." That is no different for all of you as it is for missionaries. Without God we are lost. If you don't know if God listens to your prayers refer to D&C 98:1-3:

Verily I say unto you my friends, afear not, let your hearts be comforted; yea, rejoice evermore, and in everything give bthanks;
 aWaiting patiently on the Lord, for your prayers have entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth, and are recorded with this seal and testament—the Lord hath sworn and decreed that they shall be granted.
 Therefore, he giveth this promise unto you, with an immutable covenant that they shall be fulfilled; and all things wherewith you have been aafflicted shall work together for your bgood, and to my name’s glory, saith the Lord.

Once you've done everything you possibly can to obey God's commandments and align your life with God's will, I know he will bless you because is bound to fulfill all his promises to you, but in His own time line. Never be ashamed of who you are and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Cool story, we were taught some lessons from the Elders in the showed called "The Districtg." I only remember one of their names, Elder Christianson. Kind of neat.

This Gospel is a gospel of action. If you have real faith, act on it. If you know Christ atoned for your sins, Act on it. Try to find ways to act on your faith everyday. Without faith we cannot progress and without out faith; that is impossible. I've never been a true example of this principle. Spent so much time lazy and unwilling and all it does is cause unhappiness and a life without purpose. I am trying my best now and I see the blessings we can all receive by taking action. Your perspective of taking action will change greatly by simply taking action. Hard to explain it. Exercise faith and get to work and know for yourself how it can change your life.

I miss and love all of you so much. I pray for everyone and definitely feel that someone has been praying for me. I have seen the affects of that since I left and they help me greatly. Can't wait to tell you all about how awesome Iowa is.

Sister Robertson 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hi Mom (family and friends too!),

Finally have my first P-day here at the Provo, MTC.  It's so weird to be in my home in Provo, but not able to be a part of it.  But I am glad that I chose to experience being here.  I am slowly adjusting to this busy schedule.  I am in class from the time I wake up until I go to bed.  It is stressful, but all the classes are so well prepared and teach us amazing things.  The Spirit is so strong here and our district of Des Moines Iowa sisters and elders are getting along so well and we are all having fun and learning a lot.  Me and my companions are getting along well and are able to teach our mock investigators so well together.  Hard to get enough sleep at night.  Feels like I am only asleep for an hour by the time my alarm is going off the next morning.  It's so sad!  But somehow I am finding the energy I need everyday to focus and get things done. 
My district did a temple session this morning at the Provo temple.  It was a good start to the day.  The temple is really good at removing us from every day stresses and helping us look at life and existence with a greater perspective.  Helps me to focus on what is really important.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to be here and do what the Lord wants us to do and not have to worry about every day life.  I really get to focus on the scriptures and how to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ free from distractions.  I am enjoying the fall weather here in Utah. 

The mountains just got capped with snow yesterday and the fall colors are super pretty.  It is getting colder, but I like it.  My whole district and zone, 28 sisters and elders will be flying on the same plane together to Des Moines, Iowa next Tuesday morning around 4am.  It will be fun to travel with all of them.  I can't wait to watch conference while I am at the MTC.  I am guessing that it will be a great experience.  Not because It is any different than before I was a missionary, just that the Spirit is so strong here and we are all able to focus a lot easier on what is being said. 
They feed us way too much here, I have 3 meals a day, 4 hours apart, ALL YOU CAN EAT and not enough exercise time to burn it off.  You ever wonder why people gain weight here?  I see so many elders with 4 or 5 different plates of food at every meal.  Yikes.  I know that the church is true and that the Book of Mormon is the TRUE WORD OF GOD given to us to be a second witness of the existence of JESUS CHRIST on this Earth.  He was here, he taught us and gave us instruction and scripture and Atoned for all our sins.  I know that God will always be there for us if we are willing enough to accept him into our lives.  I had a testimony of all these things before I came here, but It is growing every day.  The things you learn and experience here, you can't learn any other place on earth and in the same way.  God has done so much for me and my life in this last year and I am full-heartedly ready to pay it forward and be there for my brothers and sisters in Iowa.  I want to pull them out of darkness and bring them the light of Christ.  I want them to know how it feels to know what I know and know that God loves them.

Mom, i can't think of anything else that needs to go into my bedding box.  You can go ahead and ship it now so it's there on Tuesday.  Thank you!  Can't wait to see Iowa :)
Sister Robertson